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 |  Dec 20 2012, 9:01 AM

9. 2009 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

While I gave up my own Mercedes earlier this year, I’ve always had my eyes on another, especially a hopped up AMG version. However, as opposed to grabbing the latest and greatest AMG car from Affalterbach, I’d prefer the subdued, boring look of the W211 models. Despite it’s understated politician look, the E63 AMG is a killer, with its naturally aspirated 6.2L engine that put out 518 hp. That much brawn helps the lame-looking E-Class jet to 60 mph in under five seconds, with a top speed of about 200 mph.

The E63 AMG is a rocket with complete anonymity. Not only will other drivers not know the power hidden underneath the hood of the E-Class, other passengers will love the gorgeous designo interior. For me, this is the car I can safely drive, with no other drivers egging me on, or causing a ruckus to get a closer look at it.

  • Johnny Tightlips

    What year is this guy living in? There are more cars from the ’60s and ’70s on this list than anything else. Get with it!

  • Acha_larka

    The only intelligent list on here… all the others had stupid cars that don’t even exist.

  • J Mack

    Is it just me or are these lists sorely lacking in awesome American cars? Way to hate America, fuckers.

  • huwtm

    Why was the open top (one off because Connery was to tall for it) cooler? The coupes lines are perfect.