Seven Days of Dream Car Garages: Day Seven by Colum Wood

Seven Days of Dream Car Garages: Day Seven by Colum Wood

1. Pagani Zonda R

Easily the most beautiful car ever made, and it sounds as good as it looks, the Pagani Zonda R is no slouch either.

Taking the already amazing Zonda to a new extreme, the R model is a track-only supercar powered by a 750 hp twin-turbo 7.3-liter V12 engine. Weighing just 2,400 lbs, its chassis is made of carbon fiber, as is the entire body.

It will do 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds, but a true testament to its amazing performance comes in its Nurburgring lap time of just 6 minutes and 47 seconds. To give an idea, that’s a full 25 seconds faster than the nearest street legal car.

Only 15 Zonda Rs have ever been made and according to rumors I’ve heard the car comes with a special present too. Each December 25th, Horacio Pagani himself calls you up to personally wish you Merry Christmas.

And with a Zonda R in my garage, ever day will feel like Christmas.

  • J Mack

    A freakin Odyssey? Are you NUTS?

  • Acha_larka

    A decent list, and it was going well, until you posted the Ciel. This is a concept car dude, you can’t drive this anywhere, unless you are best buds with the Sultan.

  • Jaime Bernat

    A Ferrari for your wife??? What kind of a retarded are you?