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 |  Dec 17 2012, 12:01 PM

Dartz Prombron

It’s expensive. It’s rude. It’s the sort of something you would picture the strip club-owning scumbag everyone hates in the movies owning.

Still, it’s also the only car that could feasibly carry you through a zombie apocalypse, mob riot, or even a warzone in relative comfort and safety.

The gold-plated bottle of vodka and a crazy girlfriend named Ivanka are both just bonuses.

  • Flayke313

    mobile home? srsly bro? Wow.. way to have taste. You suck.

  • Jim Heiders

    Something tells me this guy listens to way too much rap music. Gaudy.

  • Damn Commies

    I think he’s a Russian mobster wanna-be. Why else would he have a Dartz. And with a name like Vandezandolovski he’s obvious a Ruski.