Seven Days of Dream Car Garages: Day Two by Luke Vandezande

The World's Most Expensive RV


When the AutoGuide team decided to compile these lists, I joked that a Winnebago was going to make my list. After thinking about it, and being mocked by Colum, I realized it was a bad idea.

That’s when I found this. It can store any of the sports cars on this list and make any Wal-Mart parking lot the unwitting host of a Tony Stark-worthy party. You’d better believe this is one of my dream cars. Oh at it costs about $2 million, so I’ll keep dreaming.

  • Flayke313

    mobile home? srsly bro? Wow.. way to have taste. You suck.

  • Jim Heiders

    Something tells me this guy listens to way too much rap music. Gaudy.

  • Damn Commies

    I think he’s a Russian mobster wanna-be. Why else would he have a Dartz. And with a name like Vandezandolovski he’s obvious a Ruski.

  • Isend2C

    I Love how off the beaten path and personal these cars are. Very nice!