Smartphone App Customizes Driver Seat for ‘Perfect Fit’

Smartphone App Customizes Driver Seat for ‘Perfect Fit’

Power adjustable seats with memory settings aren’t new, but now there’s a smartphone app that will adjust your seat as you approach the car to fit you perfectly.  

What’s the point? If that’s all the system did, there really wouldn’t be any apart from impressing your nerdy friends. But this system, from   auto parts giant Faurecia, goes farther. It measures your dimensions to determine what the ideal seating position and adjustment settings are for you.

It takes height, weight, gender, leg and arm length all into account to deliver a comfortable seat — something some people might not know how to set for themselves. At least not with precision.

The app also has a “therapy” function that targets lower back pain, numbness, leg discomfort, headrest positioning and more. There’s also an iTunes-style app store that lets you buy upgrades for your seat ranging from a dollar to $10 without the need to change the equipment at all.

Faurecia says it expects to bring the system to market for manufacturers to put in their cars in the next few years.

[Source: Wired]