Top 10 Automotive Stories of 2012

Top 10 Automotive Stories of 2012

2. Abandon Ship! Suzuki Sinks in North America

One of the automotive casualties of 2012 was Suzuki. The Japanese carmaker is wildly successful in its home market, but it never really found a niche in North America. For years it was stuck in the same boat as Mitsubishi, muddling along with an incomplete lineup and pitiful sales. In 2007 Suzuki dealers moved more than 100,000 vehicles, but by 2011 the company sold fewer than 27,000 units, and that is simply unsustainable.

Back in November Suzuki made the announcement it was pulling out of the U.S. and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It will continue selling motorcycles, marine products and all-terrain vehicles in America, though.

  • J Mack

     Damn CAFE rules are killing fun cars. The future sure looks like a Corolla.