Top 10 Automotive Stories of 2012

Top 10 Automotive Stories of 2012

7. The Diesels are Coming! The Diesels are Coming!

Modern diesels are an automotive delicacy Americans have been almost completely deprived of. Europeans live and breathe compression ignition, but automakers have been slower than continental drift in bringing them to the U.S. Thankfully this situation is changing.

Today’s diesels are smooth, torquey, clean running and champions of efficiency. For myriad reasons they typically deliver 15 to 20 percent better fuel economy than their gasoline counterparts.

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Keen to meet upcoming CAFE regulations OEMs are taking a second look at oil-burning engines. For example, Jeep plans to offer a diesel Grand Cherokee, as does Mazda with its 6 midsize sedan. Audi is making a major compression-ignition offensive and Ford will offer a diesel option on its upcoming Transit commercial vans, as will Chevy in the Cruze compact car.

  • J Mack

     Damn CAFE rules are killing fun cars. The future sure looks like a Corolla.