Toyota Prices Four 2013 Models, Adjusts 12 More

Toyota Prices Four 2013 Models, Adjusts 12 More

Toyota just announced pricing for its 2013 Camry, Camry Hybrid, Prius C and Scion xB as well as price adjustments for 12 models currently sold as 2013 vehicles.

Smallest in the Toyota’s family of famous hybrids, the Prius C was introduced this year to high demand. So much so, in fact, that it lead to some dealerships raising the price beyond its MRSP when supplies ran thin. Assuming nothing affects the cars coming from Japan for the 2013 model year,  Toyota is pricing them from $19,080 up to $23,360.

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The automaker’s popular compact Camry will cost $22,235 for the four-cylinder gas-powered model. That price will range up to $30,465 for the automatic V6 model. Meanwhile, the Camry Hybrid will cost between $26,140 and $27,670. In each of the three cases, Toyota raised prices by 0.6 percent.

The Scion xB gets a steeper price hike for 2013 — 2.9 percent for the automatic transmission model and 3.1 percent for the manual. Those prices work out to $17,750 and  $16,800 respectively.

There were also 12 other price adjustments announced which will apply to cars from the 2013 model year that are already on sale in Toyota showrooms.

None of the increases were dramatic with the vast majority climbing less than 1 percent. The Scion FR-S will cost $300 more next year, and the Toyota Sequoia went up by $500 — a price in crease that at its most drastic grew by 1.2 percent.