Toyota Won’t Build Sub-Compact Crossover, Matrix Likely Axed

Toyota Won’t Build Sub-Compact Crossover, Matrix Likely Axed

Toyota might be nixing the Matrix after two generations of building the Corolla-based hatchback. 

Originally a joint-venture between General Motors and Toyota, the Matrix was also sold as the Pontiac Vibe, but that car died along with the brand. Now, Toyota is thinking about discontinuing the car for the U.S. market, although it will remain in Canada. It isn’t clear when Toyota will stop selling the Matrix, but the Corolla, along with several other vehicles, is due for a redesign next year, which could serve as an easy break for the brand.

It won’t be surprising if Toyota decides to go through with the decision. Previous reports suggested in September that the car’s slow sales were likely enough to justify cutting it from the U.S. lineup.

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Meanwhile, Honda is planning to build a sub-compact crossover based on its Fit platform, but according to Automotive News, Toyota says it doesn’t plan to follow suit. Instead, the RAV4 will remain its smallest offering in the utility vehicle segment.

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[Source: Automotive News]

  • MistyGreen

    Dear Toyota,

    It’s not selling because you didn’t try!!  This car hasn’t changed since the day it came out, gets worse mileage than all of its competition, and is way overpriced.  Honda and Toyota, please take the compact wagon segment seriously.

  • SharpieGuy21

    Have to agree. It was actually pretty damn good in the beginning. Now with all the new hot hatches coming out it seems to me like the PERFECT time to build a legitimately competitive version of the XRS. The first gen was cool 1.8L and 180 horsepower? Awesome! Now imagine if it was built with today’s engine tech? Booyah!

    Instead, we get cow crap. Boo Toyota. Yay everyone else.

  • mad@toyota

    I am totally agree with you, they haven’t change interior since decade. fuel economy, fit/finish worst in market. its over priced. never buy any Toyota after Matrix experience. Honda fit is better option.