What’s the Best All-Wheel-Drive System for You?

Here’s a list of popular vehicles on the market today. They’ve been sorted into two groups based on the type of all-wheel-drive system they come with — either part-time or full-time.

Part-Time All-Wheel Drive

Acura RDX

Chevrolet Equinox

Chrysler 300

Dodge Charger

Ford Escape

Ford Explorer

Ford Fusion

GMC Terrain

Honda CR-V

Hyundai Santa Fe (driver-lockable full-time four-wheel drive)

Jeep Compass (with Freedom-Drive I)

Jeep Patriot (with Freedom-Drive I)

Kia Sorento

Nissan Murano

Nissan Pathfinder (with full automatic or driver selectable two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes)

Nissan Rogue

Full-Time All-Wheel Drive

Acura (SH-AWD)

Audi (quattro)

BMW (xDrive)

Dodge Durango (HEMI-powered models feature a low-range transfer case for full four-wheel drive)

Jeep Grand Cherokee (with Quadra-Drive II, Quadra-Trac I or Quadra-Trac II)

Jeep Liberty (with driver-selectable Selec-Trac II system)

Lexus LS

Subaru (Symmetrical)

2013 Toyota RAV4 (driver-lockable part-time system)

Correction: Barrett said switching from front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive reduces efficiency by about two miles per gallon, not 2 percent as initially reported.

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    Where is the Toyota fj?

  • Nothing about Haldex or Volvo?

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    Where is suzuki grand vitara?

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    where is MITSUBISHI!!!!
    Rvr Lancer Outlander and Evolution! all with different awd/4wd systems!!

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    Nothing about Land Rover cars , One of the most formidable 4 wheel drive systems .

  • quadradrive 2 by jeep

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    Check Consumer’s Report. the Toyota FJ got 36 points out 100…

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    You are a dork for not mentioning Mitsubishi’s AWC.

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