World’s First Electric Monster Truck a Quiet Riot

World’s First Electric Monster Truck a Quiet Riot

For the first time, there’s a monster truck that doesn’t have an exhaust that sounds like something escaping from hell.

Is an electric moster truck an oxymoron? It’s up to you to be the judge, but bear in mind that as wheels and tires get bigger, there’s one thing that truck desperately needs — torque. As anyone remotely familiar with electric drivetrains knows, that’s the one thing EVs have as a given. Considering that, Bigfoot 4×4 built the world’s first electric monster truck.

The truck you see here uses 30 batteries to power a 260-kilowatt electric motor. That translates to 350 hp and 850 lb-ft or torque and more than enough to drive over a few old junkers.

There are still hurdles to overcome before a monster truck EV could compete, though. Electric drivetrains are  repute for being heavy, which would make crushing things easier. At the same time, those heavy battery packs could make taking the truck over a jump different and possibly much more dangerous.

Going to a monster truck rally and missing out on the barking engine roar would also be a buzz kill.