14 Cars Axed in 2012

14 Cars Axed in 2012

6. Mitsubishi Galant

Joining the Eclipse, Mitsubishi gave its Galant a quiet funeral this year. After 13 years as a mid-size sedan in America priced from $21,899, the model never really competed against the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, or Nissan Altima. Mitsubishi aims to focus on smaller vehicles and crossovers for the future.

  • Guest

    Gallant or Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart?

  • The picture is a Lancer, not a Galant

  • Ghent

    Test drove a ZDX once. It really was an abysmally bad car, though very surrounding and comfortable inside. You felt like you were in a high-tech spaceship… however… with the view that one would expect from inside a proper spaceship – nothing. Tiny, tiny windows, huge blindspots. I’d classify the car as downright dangerous, until self-driving cars with collision sensors all around them become the norm 😉