2013 Dodge Dart GT Headed to 2013 Detroit Auto Show

2013 Dodge Dart GT Headed to 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Dodge just announced what amounts to a new name for its top-trim Dart compact sedan previously called the R/T package. The newly named Dodge Dart GT will appear during the upcoming Detroit Auto Show.

It comes with the same 2.4-liter engine making 184 hp and 174 lb-ft of torque translated through your choice of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission originally expected in the R/T. In fact, almost everything is the same. It has the same leather seats, the same 18-inch wheels and same 8.4-inch infotainment screen. Why should you care?

That’s simple: it’s thousands cheaper than the R/T was supposed to be. Originally expected to arrive last September, the R/T didn’t make its expected date, but now it turns out not to be a bad thing — at least for consumers.

You might be left wondering why Dodge decided to make the switch and whether or not a name really matters that much. Arguments can be made on either side, but Dodge addressed the question in its press release, at least mildly.

The automaker said it “continues to investigate” a high-performance R/T model without offering any further details. Then again, it might not have to. Last September, the brand also confirmed that it is working on an SRT-4 which could boast as much as 300 hp. By migrating the car debuting next week in Detroit farther downmarket, Dodge keeps a reasonable gap open for an even hotter performance variant to compete with cars like the Ford Focus ST.

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  • Cirrusstalker

    Sweet…. srt-4 is coming!

  • DarthCharger

    I like the look of the new Dodge Dart.  Just wish they would have put the crossfire engine in it.

  • How sad it is that Dodge… the car Ive grown up… with has stooped to building this unworthy of the name Hundyai powered piece of S**t and hung R/T badges on it about the only place this thing should be driven is out the back of a C-130 into a waiting canyon below hopefully no one would see me in it Your better then This Mopar get real, and get back to building real cars

  • Paddy O

    hey, not all buy super charged chargers.  you need a variety of cars to meet all segments. personally, glad to see the dart name back. 

  • Unca_chuck

    When I think Dart, I think stodgy late 60s slant 6 sedan. Not sure why Dodge is bringing back that name. Ford ain’t going to bring back the Pinto moniker Or even the Falcon. Or Chevy the Vega name. 

  •  I would be to if they hung it on something worthy of the names history. The charger by the why is a chuck o funk too engines to small cars to heavy and real chargers come with 2 doors not four