Five-Point Inspection: 2013 MINI Roadster Cooper S

Five-Point Inspection: 2013 MINI Roadster Cooper S

2. Enraging ergonomics

It may be as much a part of the MINI brand as retro looks and go-kart handling, but that doesn’t mean the interior ergonomics of each and every MINI aren’t loathsome at best, and enraging at worst.

Not one to stand out, the new Roadster is another example of how the interior designers at MINI have the folks over in ergonomics in a chokehold.

Apart from the usually terrible toggle switches and the window controls being on the center console instead of on the doors, the audio system controls are equally as backwards. The buttons are miniscule, the knob is tiny and despite the fact that MINI designed its infotainment system to work exclusively with iPhones, it could never establish a Bluetooth connection with mine.

Add to that a too-large shift knob attached to a too-long stick, plus the fact that the seatback adjuster is on the right side (in an unreachable location under the arm rest), and the Roadster, like every other MINI, will have you craving the ultra-dull, yet entirely functional cabin of a Corolla.