2013 Nissan Leaf Gets Massive Price Cut

2013 Nissan Leaf Gets Massive Price Cut

Just unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, the 2013 Nissan Leaf hit the floor with minimal physical changes, but a big cut in the price tag: $6,000 to be exact. 

A new base-trim line, titled “S” grade, now starts at $28,800, but after federal tax credits and state incentives it can be had for less than $19,000. This new price tag will make the Leaf very competitive in its segment, which it couldn’t claim to be before.

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Two other trim levels are available, SV and SL, which can be had for $31,280 and $34,840 respectively. SV trimmed Leafs are outfitted with 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, a 6.6 kW onboard charger, cruise control, auto dimming rear view mirror, energy saving hybrid heating system, an upgraded 6-speaker sound system and 7-inch color LCD display.

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Opt for the SL trims, and the Leaf gets leather-appointed seats, 17-inch five spoke alloy wheels, DC 480V fast charge port, automatic on/off LED headlights and fog lights.

The Leaf is also getting a longer range for 2013, though the EPA has yet to announce what exactly that distance will be.

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  • $28,800 – $7500 is $21,300 and then state incentives. Very very nice price reduction. Too bad you have to pay $34,840 (minus $7500 minus stat incentives) to get a 480V fast charging port that lets the car charge up in ~26 minutes. Level 3 fast charging should be a standard feature on all trims IMO.

  • Rudy Lemus

    should be nice to buy a car like that, but what about the payment, because we have to talk about the the finance charge + taxes,insurance,registration and another hiding fees.

  • A Martins

    I look at this thing and see a closed-cabin version of what I use to carry my clubs and beer while I golf. I don’t have a problem with driving golf carts on the road when I’m on vacation in Florida, but I do have a problem with people thinking they’re driving a real car when they get into one of these things. I still suspect the Japanese are laughing at us for buying them. Kind of like how most of the time I’m pretty sure those douchey asian writing tattoos that are supposed to say “power” or “fearless” or whatever probably actually say “chickenshit” or “dumb white man.” Besides. Having a car powered by a battery is about as craptastic as it gets. When happens when you realize it degrades after a while and you’ll never have a “full tank?” It’s bull-bird man. I hate it and I hate how everyone is trying to jump on this stupid electric band wagon. These cars need to go away more than Mike Vick did after the dog fights.