2014 Acura MDX Prototype Gets New V6, Jewel Eye Lights: 2013 Detroit Auto Show

2014 Acura MDX Prototype Gets New V6, Jewel Eye Lights: 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Wearing the same “Jewel Eye” headlights as the new RLX, Acura unveiled its next-generation 2014 MDX SUV in prototype form today at the Detroit Auto Show.

Unfortunately, the fact that it’s a prototype and not a production model means Acura isn’t showing the car’s interior, but Acura says the version shown here is a “strong indication” of what’s to come with the next model. What that seems to be, not surprisingly, is an SUV styled much like the RLX flagship sedan Acura unveiled during the L.A. Auto Show late last year.

LED accents along the revised lower front fascia compliment the lights while the entire car has sharper crease accentuating the car’s shape. Those character lines give the car more definition behind the c-pillar window and along its its hips.

As you would probably expect, there’s a lot more than superficial styling changes here. While Acura didn’t disclose actual specs, it promised that the new MDX will be lighter with a more rigid chassis and a more refined suspension. There will also be an all-new 3.5-liter V6 under the hood with direct injection, variable cylinder management that will be more efficient while delivering more torque.

Safety systems like forward collision warning, lane departure warning lane keeping assistance and active cruise control will also be available on the 2014 MDX.

GALLERY: Acura MDX Prototype


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  • M3power95

    That MDX looks nothing like the teaser picture.  Don’t understand why they keep the hideous front grill.  

  • Mitch

    It is a shame that Acura has been essentially resting on their laurels for the the past 12 years simply refining what was a true flagship achievement at the time.  Now it is time to offer something  bold! Lexus has had a hybrid SUV for several years now.  Come on Acura.  Step it up or lose me forever.

  • Acura anon

    Horse power goes down by 30 and torque goes up so it is faster off the line.

  • Earth dreams engine so it will have Atkinson valve behavior when you are driving it efficiently and regular OTTO cycle behavior when you are pressing on the gas? This way you’d have the power when you want it and the economy of a hybrid (without regen braking) when you want it. I know the article says that it has variable cylinder management (runs on 3 cylinders some of the time) but it might be beneficial to do both along with auto start-stop