2014 BMW M4 Turbo Six-Cylinder Likely Has 415 HP

2014 BMW M4 Turbo Six-Cylinder Likely Has 415 HP

BMW will soon offer a new kind of M car, at least in name. The 2014 M4 will be the range-topping version of the new 4 Series, which is a migration of the brand’s 3 Series coupe and convertibles in name.

Along with the change, the new M3 and M4, sedan and coupe respectively, will move from a V8 to a forced-induction 3.0-liter, six-cylinder. With that change, there will, of course, be a new power specification. While BMW is still mum on the details, a leaked VIN number on an enthusiast forum is suggesting that rating will work out to 415 hp.

That figure is in line with expectations and would compete with the current car’s power ratings. While the information is still unofficial, it seems likely to be real.

BMW is expected to debut its concept M3 during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March, so the official numbers will likely be available either very soon before or during the show.

GALLERY: 2014 BMW M3 spy photos


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[Source: F30 Post]

  • Deceptive to run photos of a M3 when your headline says M4. Bogus.