2014 Corvette Rear End Leaked on Magazine Cover

2014 Corvette Rear End Leaked on Magazine Cover

The most important part of the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette just leaked through the cover of Automobile magazine’s upcoming issue.

Information on the car is still under lock and key, but the cover suggests Chevrolet is reviving the Stingray name. It also confirms the car’s rear end is drastically different than the C6.

Above all, it’s now clear that General Motors scrapped the round rear lights that have characterized the Corvette until right now.

While official performance numbers aren’t available from Chevrolet yet, the new LT1 motor was said to make 450 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque when it was unveiled in Detroit last October.

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Full details on the car will be available when the car is officially unveiled on Sunday night when AutoGuide.com will be bringing you live coverage.

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[Source: CorvetteForum]

  • Rob R

    wow look, a Chevy Viper

  • Gd6930

    I hope the rear end looks better than what I have seen so far. The front end and side views are a winner in my book. Lets hope Chevrolet gets the rear end right.

  • Shawn85206

    So now it’s a Vette with Camero taillights? Didn’t I just read about a MB Station Wagon with slightly better specs?