2014 Corvette Stingray Price Hinted, Sales Forecasted

2014 Corvette Stingray Price Hinted, Sales Forecasted

Chevrolet has high hopes for the seventh-generation Corvette it unveiled in Detroit last week, forecasting global sales growth for the sports car.

John Fitzpatrick, General Motors’ performance cars marketing manager, anticipates a boost in exports to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. While he didn’t reveal the specific numbers GM expects, he told Ward’s Auto that the brand has higher expectations for this model than the previous car.

Even without specific numbers, that sentiment speaks to how confident GM is that the Stingray will strike true with consumers. When the 2014 Vette goes on sale, it will mark more than a new generation for the car. It will also mean higher-performing versions of the previous car will disappear from production.

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While that could position the upcoming car to sell more, it could also hurt them. “We expect to have a good year, but only time will tell,” Fitzpatrick said.

Last year’s Corvette sales were dim compared to pre-recession figures. Chevrolet managed to move more than 14,000 last year, but that’s a far cry from the roughly 30,000 it sold annually before the recession hit in 2008.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but Fitzpatrick hinted that the new car will stay close to the current car, saying “if you can afford the 2013 Corvette, you can afford the 2014.” The 2013 model starts at just over $50,000.

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Watch our first look video of the 2014 Corvette below:

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 [Source: Ward’s Auto]
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  • Linda

    30% + higher in Canada……… as usual

  • Goldenbanana5

    wow this car looks awesome

  • Dude


  • joseph dion torres

    amazing true american muscle

  • Rosio-mendez

     you and fucking justin bieber suck

  • INFN444

    There should be a “law” against any color but “BLACK”

  • Bob

     You and fucking Salma Hayek suck

  • Thiagoxceny

     Take shots every time he says “Well”

  • Davidmatthew

    the worst camaro copycat back end you could ever have slaapped on a corvette, just ruined a nice car

  • Vooch

    What the hell were they thinking with this camaro tailights.Either it’s a corvette or it”s a camaro. Make up your mind. What a screw up shame because the front is right on. Someone deserves a swift kick in the ass for that one.

  • Emckelvy

    It is the very best looking corvette ever made heaven or hell

  • This is certainly not the first time a Corvette didn’t have round taillights. What about the 1956 – 1962 ? Were those round? No. Also what about the square taillights on the early 90’s cars? Complainers about such a silly detail are not whom this car is for. Neither are the nuts who claim its got “Camaro taillights”. All you have to do is look at a picture of both side by side and see they’re nothing alike.

  • Johntrask

    interior is nice its about time, but, and this is a big but, what the hell are those camaro  back taillights doing on this car  .and why call it a stingray in name only i guess the guys at chevrolet hallucinated something that this is not.when all is said and done this car is only a re hash of the c6 in style with a camaro back.hopefully the mechanicals are as new and good as they say they are. only time will tell

  • Dbernard

    This is not a Camaro, and the tail lights are not Camaro either. I can’t wait to drive this fresh, newly designed Corvette and I guarantee the tail lights will look just fine peeking out of my garage!

  • Tommy

    when can we buy the new model convertible, and do anybody know the price with normal extras for a convertible?

  • Ritzcraka

    I bought an 84 vet new. Hands down the worst car I ever owned.

  • MissChris1970

    I’m guessing that some people aren’t old enough to remember the Corvette Stingray Model. I’d have to look up the year but a guy pulled out of his garage in a pre 70’s Corvette yesterday as I was driving down the street. It was beautiful. I almost wrecked the Buick, again. You can probably You Tube clips from an old movie called Corvette Summer and learn a bit about the older Vettes. Peace. Not all of them are sporting what is being referred to as a ‘Camaro’ front end. They aren’t even close.