2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Pricing Leaked, Diesel Costs $4,500 Premium

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Pricing Leaked, Diesel Costs $4,500 Premium

Get ready to spend an extra $4,500 if the oil-burning version of Jeep’s 2014 Grand Cherokee is on your to-buy list.

Pricing for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee unveiled during this year’s Detroit Auto Show leaked through an enthusiast forum today, revealing price increases for the 2014 model year. The dealer pricing sheet also revealed that the diesel engine will cost a $4,500 premium over the gasoline V6. AutoGuide asked a Chrysler representative to confirm the pricing, but didn’t receive a response.

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The 3.0-liter turbo diesel will be available in the Limited four-wheel drive trim for $43,090 including delivery. Pricing for the two-wheel drive models wasn’t listed. It also isn’t clear if the diesel engine will be offered exclusively on four-wheel drive models, but the leaked information did reveal that on the Summit trim, the diesel engine will cost $500 more.

The Grand Cherokee model range will climb in price for the 2014 model year including the range-topping SRT-8 model which will start at $63,990 according to the leaked information. That’s a $2,700 hike over last year, but SRT CEO Ralph Gilles promised during the 2013 Detroit Auto Show that it will be “one of the quickest vehicles we’ve ever made at SRT.”

The base model increases as well, but by a smaller $1,600 margin. Then again, that money will probably mean a lot more to buyers aiming to spend  the $29,790 base price compared to the SRT model’s 63,990 starting price. Complete pricing before options and a $995 delivery fee are available below.

Laredo 4X2 – $28,795 Laredo E 4X2 – $30,495 Limited 4X2 – $35,795 Overland 4X2 – $42,995 Summit 4X2 – $47,995 Laredo 4X4 – $30,795 Laredo E 4X4 – $32,495 Limited 4X4 – $37,795 Overland 4X4 – $45,995 Summit 4X4 – $50,995 SRT 4X4 – $62,995

[Source: JeepGarage]

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  • RaulinsK

    Charging that kind of a premium for the diesel engine makes the whole thing pointless… I was actually looking forward to signing up for one of these things, but now I’m looking elsewhere. What a joke. You haven’t learned a thing, Chrysler.

  • Showcase

    is this for real?  was really excited about the prospect of getting the diesel but damn them if they didnt just price themselves out of the market.  could get a lot better vehicle for 40k, i’m really dissappointed

  • JAMbon

    At least the premium for the diesel in the Summit is relatively inexpensive. $500 extra gets an additional 40% better fuel economy. Perhaps the lower models should follow suit…

  • Craig.

    It’s actually $500 over and above the $4500 premium charged for diesel on lower trim levels.  So, you’re looking at $5k for diesel on the Summit.

  • JAMbon

    That is even more ridiculous!

  • Sphinxsphere

    Are these prices based on the V6 or the V8? I know there’s the premium on the deisel.

  • Sphinsphere

    A dealership told me the summit was to be priced cheaper than the overland I guess he was way wrong

  • MaxwellAdams15

    Its because diesel engines cost lot more money to make that’s why they have the Premium

  • PaulR131

    GC diesel  is too expensive is like buying a mobile home,,,at least a mobile home has a bathroom…..

  • joe1234x

     But if there is not a decent return, it just doesn’t make sense. You either have to make a less expensive diesel or get a huge fuel economy benefit to justify these kinds of up-costs for the diesel.

  • John Dow

    your saving abut $.02 per gallon over the Gas V6 based on their MPG and current fuel prices in my area.  Going to take about 200K miles to break even on the Diesel engine cost

  • Toolsnipe

    Just got back from the auto show in toronto, looks like the diesel is only available in 2 trims. The summit and overland, and if your Canadian your looking at 60 to 70 thousand dollar SUV. Thanks Chrysler! I won’t be buying
    Anything from your fleet!

  • Luigifranceschi75

    You can’t compare the 3 liters turbodiese with the 3 liters gas. For towing, 0-100 and capacity, the real comparation has to be done with the 5,7. That would have the same price. Moreover, in the real world, i own a jgc 5,7. In average i cannot do better that 20 l x 100 km, that would mean about 12 mpg. In europe i usually drive a ml 320 cdi. And i usually do 10 lx100 km or 24mpg. With better torque abd acceleration. So if the price of the diesel is the same of the 5,7, i can already book one.

  • Forkypine

    its a hunk of metal with cylinder chambers… aka holes… sounds not much different

  • Tom

    Actually it’s more like $7,500 because they require you to get some luxury group II. Only available in the top three trims. Was so excited for these but they just lost my sale I’m not going to spend $8K for that engine I’d never make up the cost difference in the life of the SUV.

  • Tom

    That is based on the limited trim the lowest level that offers the diesel

  • Tony Greco

    I have a jeep laredo 4×4 love it but the thing destroys me in gas, every time I drive to NJ and back to NYC even with no traffic things is ridiculous to fill up, always costing me $50 or $60 and the tank is never on empty, I got a tune up and rented a piece of junk ford escape some special gas it said on the back eco something and I drove all the way to NJ and Back and I told the guy give me $50 cash it only took $8 to till it up? is that because its like a hybrid or something? please somebody let me  know cause now I am going to get a new suv, dont like the jeeps gas milage, i was looking at the 4Runner same on gas, I hate to down grade to a rav4 but u save double on gas, and in the city its impossible to find a gas station and its almost $5 a gallon? Does anybody have any suggestions for me? Tony

  • Patmartin69

    Pricing the 2014 Grand Cherokee Limited Diesel not only has the $4500 adder for the engine, you have to add another $3000 for Luxury Group II. Only way they it comes. No way to make this pencil out!