2014 Lexus IS Wagon Hinted by Brand

2014 Lexus IS Wagon Hinted by Brand

Lexus might be musing the idea of bringing back the Sport Cross version of its IS performance sedan.

On its Facebook page, the Japanese automaker asked its fans if they remember the 2002 IS 300 Sport Cross with its “style, utility and performance.” Then it goes on to promote the 2014 IS premier on Facebook on January 16, promising answers during the event.

It sounds like the brand is, at the very least, toying with the idea of bringing back its rear-wheel drive performance wagon.

Calling the car pictured above “stylish” is a stretch to say the least, but Lexus wouldn’t have much competition if it chose to bring a wagon version of the car unveiled on Wednesday.

While Mercedes offers an E-Class wagon, the two cars are in completely different leagues. Aside from that, there’s the Cadillac CTS wagon, which again is targeted more at the BMW 5 Series.

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