Audi Autonomous Cars Licensed for Public Roads

Audi Autonomous Cars Licensed for Public Roads

Audi just became the first automaker to obtain a license to test its autonomous cars on public roads in Nevada.

Far from being new to autonomous driving research, Audi has been working for years in the field. In 2010, for example, the automaker sent a self-driven TTS up Pikes Peak in Colorado in only 27 minutes — it normally takes about an hour. Impressive as that might sound, driving up a road outside normal traffic conditions is only one step in building a car capable of navigating public roads.

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By gaining a license to test on public roads, Audi joins Google as the second company ever to be allowed to test in such an environment. Last year, Google proved the merits of its autonomous driving technology by using the car to take a blind man on errands. The car even handled a Taco Bell drive-through window without problems.

Audi says it will release more information starting tomorrow during the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

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