BMW 4 Series Concept Coupe Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

BMW 4 Series Concept Coupe Unveiled at Detroit Auto Show

Sitting right in plain view at the Detroit Auto Show is BMW‘s latest concept, which will foreshadow what the upcoming 4-series coupe will look like.

Following in the footsteps of the BMW 6-series coupe, the 4-series concept coupe is a sleek, sexy and unbelievably gorgeous vehicle.  In fact, the grilles on the fenders are actually sourced from the bigger 6 Series.

In terms of size, the 4 Series is a bit bigger than its 3-series sedan counterpart. An extra 1.9 inches is added to the wheelbase of the 3-series, and the length of the 4-series coupe is 1.7 inches  longer than the sedan.

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There are many hints that the 6-series had an influence on the inside of this concept.  Satin-finish aluminum trim highlight the interior bits by the air intakes and vents, door handles and exterior mirrors.

For the production vehicle, expect the same power-plants that are available in the current 3-Series, just like past 3-series coupe. If the sedan is anything to go by, the production 4-series will be quite a solid handling car, setting a benchmark for a dynamic handling luxurious coupe.

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  • Brian

    Wow, what a gorgeous vehicle, stunning. I wonder if it will come in a convertible with the steel fold roof.