Brussels Car Show Babes Told to Cover Up

Brussels Car Show Babes Told to Cover Up

Gorgeous models surrounding new cars are par for the course at auto shows, because even the most boring car can be spruced up by an hourglass figure and a short dress. Apparently however, some disagree with this sentiment. 

Belgium’s equal opportunities minister Joelle Milquet sent a letter to the organizers of the Brussels auto show to say “a motor show is a place where you go with your family, we have to question the stereotypes we are passing on to children and young adults.”

Belgian car federation Febiac responded by saying that at this year’s show, all models would be wearing appropriate dresses. “We asked them to be responsible and sensible and we hope that everything will go well,” a spokesman for Febiac said.

The show takes place from January 11 through 20.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • earl

    may have a point, but what a beautiful black Caddy 🙂