Cadillac Crossover Smaller than SRX Likely Coming

Cadillac Crossover Smaller than SRX Likely Coming

Cadillac is working toward a small crossover that will slot below the SRX, which competes with the Lexus RX350 and BMW X5. 

While the vehicle hasn’t been officially announced for production, Cadillac vice president Bob Ferguson told Automotive News that “it’s beyond ‘under consideration.'”

Cadillac is aiming to compete more closely with German luxury brands; The ATS is aimed at the BMW 3 Series, and some would agree even beats it. Meanwhile, the brand also recently announced that it is finally offering unique interiors for vehicles like the Escalade that have been widely criticized for sharing too much trim with cheaper relatives.

The BMW X1 launched last year in the U.S. market and Audi is planning to sell its A3 crossover soon. In light of that, it probably makes sense to sell a small crossover product under the Cadillac brand, doesn’t it?

Not necessarily. At least not until General Motors sees how the U.S. market reacts to the Buick Encore, which will be available starting next month. Buick and Cadillac certainly sit of different levels, but the reaction will still be useful information to Cadillac.

A sub-SRX crossover from Cadillac could still easily be in the cards if Americans don’t buy the Buick. A small luxury crossover would likely still be useful to the brand for penetrating both the Chinese and European markets, although that would have no bearing on the car’s North American future.

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[Source: Automotive News]

  • potvin

    Typical GM. Late to the game. Needs to be priced under the Germans and offer the turbo from the ATS. Interior to match SRX and an exterior with some wow factor. Good luck.