Chevrolet Gets an E for Effort at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Chevrolet Gets an E for Effort at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Chevrolet cars aren’t exactly a hit over in Japan, and based on the brand’s Tokyo Auto Salon presence, it’s not hard to see why.

Regardless, Chevy is at the major aftermarket expo looking to promote the bowtie-brand with three models styled like SEMA Show rejects. Looking to cover all its bases, Chevrolet brought along a Sonic compact, Camaro sports car and Captiva SUV.

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The Camaro was light on modifications, sporting a set of custom wheels from Giovanna. We would have expected the Camaro to have been the star of the booth, but it appears that the Sonic was the most heavily modified with a “Street Icon” theme of red and black. Meant to appeal to the “street generation” the American automaker focused on skateboarding and other alternative sports at the booth.

The Captiva on the other hand, showed off the utility of the model with 20-inch wheels and a roof-mounted bike rack. One thing was disappointingly obvious: It’s been a while since Chevrolet has been out to Tokyo. Blasting Katy Perry at the booth while having workers jump around and dance picked up more awkward glances than the automaker would have probably liked.

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