Ferrari California Likely Turbocharged in New Generation

Ferrari California Likely Turbocharged in New Generation

There’s a good chance Ferrari might be making a move back to turbocharging in the near future.

As emissions standards tighten, automakers are keen to preserve power while complying to the new rules. For many automakers, that means turning to turbocharging and Ferrari will likely join the crowd with it’s next generation California.

While that remains unconfirmed by the company, it would be a logical move. Ferrari already developed a 3.8-liter turbocharged V8 which currently powers the Maserati Quattroporte — an engine that could easily match the current car’s 453 hp figure while saving gas. After all, the Quattroporte offers 523 hp with the same unit.

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Footage captured last year of a California test mule driving around Ferrari’s own Fiorano test track would lend itself to the idea because you can hear the turbo spooling.

It isn’t clear when the new California will be available, but the brand’s mid-engined cars run on a five-year replacement cycle while the V12s get seven. It’s late in the game for the typical lead up of leaked photos and information for a five-year cycle, but a six-year cycle could set the car up for a 2014 reveal and 2015 launch.

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