Fisker Sues Insurer for Cost of 300 Karmas Sandy Ruined

Fisker Sues Insurer for Cost of 300 Karmas Sandy Ruined

Exotic plug-in hybrid maker Fisker is suing XLGroup, its insurer, for the cost of 338 Karmas — roughly $33 million.

The cars count among the more than 10,000 vehicles ruined at a New Jersey shipping facility while Sandy ravaged the east coast last year. Now it seems Fisker is having problems collecting compensation for the vehicles it lost during the storm despite having a $100 million policy. The dispute, according to Reuters, is over whether or not the cars were “in transit” when they were ruined.

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This is the latest in a litany of setbacks Fisker has suffered since launching the Karma. Last year, the company was faced with controversy of the cars catching fire, recalls, production delays and more.

While responsibility for issues with the car’s battery packs ultimately settles on now-bankrupt battery maker A123, the damage to Fiskers reputation was already done. With wave after wave of bad news breaking in the company’s direction, it’s hard not to wonder how much more it can take.

[Source: Reuters]

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