Florida Approves Bill for Vanity Driver’s Licenses

Florida Approves Bill for Vanity Driver’s Licenses

The state of Florida has often been known to do things differently, and if a recent bill is passed by its senate, the state will now offer vanity driver’s licenses to its citizens.

Vanity license plates are readily available nationwide, and are quite popular for those looking to express themselves through their cars. But according to a new state bill, Florida is looking to offer a specialty driver license or identification card for a fee of $25. Those specialty driver’s licenses will include state and independent universities located in Florida, all Florida professional sports teams, and all branches of the United States military.

According to the Florida Senate’s website, the bill has passes unanimously in both houses of the Florida legislature and is just awaiting the governor’s signature. Strangely enough though, the bill also notes that the vanity ID provision will be repealed on August 31, 2016 – so it could be a short-term deal.

[Source: The Florida Senate]

  • Daffy Duck

    Until I can have a license that looks like it was issued by NASA, I’m not going to be happy.