Ford Atlas Concept Video, First Look: 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Ford Atlas Concept Video, First Look: 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Previewing the next-gen F-Series pickups, Ford literally dropped the Atlas concept out of the roof of Joe Louis arena at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. 

The Atlas will get its power from an upgraded EcoBoost, details on which were not revealed by the brand. The big story on the Atlas is Ford’s push for increased aerodynamics, using active grille shutters, active wheel shutters, a drop-down front-air dam and power running boards together to reduce drag, and increase fuel efficiency.

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Design wise, the Atlas takes the F-150 and makes it bigger in just about every way, adding robust looks thanks to larger wheel arches and a more pronounced grille.  Functionality has been improved as well, with a new version of Ford’s bed-step that can be extended vertically to carry long loads such as boards or ladders.

For more on the Atlas, check out our first look video below.

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  • That is a pretty seet truck. Leave it to the best manufacturer of trucks to lead the pack. Can’t wait to see one of these first hand at my dealership!

  • Sweet!!

  • Li Ming


  • Good looking truck, however you lost me with the center console.
    I don’t like the center console shifters

    What does it look like in the 3/4 ton?

  • frostyjhammer

    Even more rice than before.

  • Mattspersic

    Seriously?  Accent lighting for a truck?  Why not buy a Lexus.  A truck is supposed to have locking differentials, PTO and low gearing.  

  • ldb853

    and not a dime of my tax dollars

    way to go Ford

  • Tggilmore47

    I would like to see a right hand steer version released direct from the factory is there any chance of this, I wonder?

  • The

    Actually, that’s not true… dig a little deeper and you’ll find they took $$$
    under the table via ‘coercion’ from the Obama thugs.

  • The

    No doubt. It’s like they didn’t learn anything from the epic Tundra fail…

    This truck is UGLY.   A big bright shiny object for the simple minded.

  • Digndug727

    Just one more way to jack the price of the all ready over priced f-150.