Honda Fit Crossover Previewed With ‘Urban SUV Concept’

Honda Fit Crossover Previewed With ‘Urban SUV Concept’

It seems like Honda wants to get in on small-SUV craze and is showing off this Urban SUV Concept, which will foreshadow a new product in 2014.

Using the same platform as the Honda Fit, this Urban SUV Concept aims to provide city dwellers with a fuel efficient, yet spacious vehicle.

The Urban SUV Concept looks reasonable for a concept, although the LED heavy headlights and handles will likely not make it to the finished product. Overall, expect the design to stay similar once it heads into production.

The all-new vehicle based on this concept is expected to land in Japanese markets at the end of 2013, and in the US in early 2014.

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The concept is significantly smaller than the CR-V, measuring 9 inches shorter than the bigger vehicle, making it perfect for urbanites. The useful magic-seat setup that was seen in the Fit will be present here, as well an efficient Earth Dreams engine, promising a combination of  versatility and fuel efficiency.

Finally, the styling of the concept shows off a new design language that indicates Honda isn’t afraid to get design-heavy to take on rivals like the Nissan Juke. The rear door handles are masked well, and makes the small SUV look like a coupe on first look.

The new vehicle will be manufactured in Mexico, along with the Fit.

GALLERY: Honda Urban SUV Concept

Honda-Urban-SUV-Concept (21).JPGHonda-Urban-SUV-Concept (25).JPGHonda-Urban-SUV-Concept (34).JPGHonda-Urban-SUV-Concept (29).JPGHonda-Urban-SUV-Concept (44).JPGHonda-Urban-SUV-Concept (46).JPG

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  • prophecy

    If they decide to price it a penny over $25K(for fully loaded), we will get an X1.

  • M3power95

    wow… not shabby at all

  • Mcmosm1996

    My wife told me she wants to test drive one as soon as they come to the dealer! Sharp styling!

  • honda lover

    hope they price it 25 or less. Ithink this is a great concept for those of us who think the CRV is too big and the Accord coupe a tad too small. Looks like a great little SUV and much nicer looking than the RAV 4