Infiniti Confirms Turbo Four-Cylinder, Diesel for Future

Infiniti Confirms Turbo Four-Cylinder, Diesel for Future

Infiniti unveiled its 2014 Q50 sport sedan today during the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, introducing it as the first of what will be a larger global push by the brand. 

It plans to debut the first car to bear its new nomenclature simultaneously though all its major markets – not just North America. But there’s more than a worldwide debut on the books for Nissan’s luxury marque. During the press conference, the brand confirmed past speculation that its future models will include both a turbocharged four-cylinder and diesel engines.

Further details weren’t revealed, and the brand already offers diesel-powered crossovers in Europe, but the announcement opens speculation that there might be a broader future for oil burners in the works at Infiniti.

Once again, the brand didn’t reveal specific details like engine displacement, but it seems likely that the turbocharged four cylinder unit will be sourced from the company’s partnership with Mercedes – possibly a 1.8-liter unit.

It would make sense given that the maker unveiled the Q50 with the same hybrid technology found in its current M35h, which it said perfectly balances power and fuel efficiency. Of course, what that “balance” amounts to is entirely subjective. With EPA estimates for the hybrid still unreleased, it’s anybody’s guess. At the very least, the current M35h gets an estimated 27/32 mpg city/highway and it would make sense to expect the smaller Q50 to do better than that.

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