Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Freestar Cleared in NHTSA Probe

Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Freestar Cleared in NHTSA Probe

Investigations into both the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2004-05 Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey have ended, with NHTSA finding that neither issues merit a recall.

The Grand Cherokee was being investigated for faulty power-steering hoses that could blow off and result in fire. NHTSA had 24 reports of failures occurring on some early production models. Chrysler and its power steering cooler supplier, Dana, modified the unit to fix the issue promptly, with the redesigned cooler assembly going into production last April. There were also five reports of fires, which NHTSA found were not related to the faulty hoses.

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The Freestar was being investigated for faulty scissor jacks that were reported to be bending at midpoints under the weight of the van. NHTSA received six consumer complaints that resulted in three injuries and one fatality. In the case of the fatality, NHTSA did not know whether the vehicle which fell on a man was properly chocked or otherwise supported.

NHTSA says that Ford properly warns customers on labels that the vehicle should be properly chocked, with the transmission placed in park while being lifted. Ford claims that most of the accidents stemmed from people using their jacks without properly securing their vehicles and placing them in park.

[Source: Detroit News]