Lexus Debuts Active Safety Research Vehicle at 2013 CES

Lexus Debuts Active Safety Research Vehicle at 2013 CES

Today at CES 2013, Toyota is showing its new advanced active safety research vehicle, that is designed to help the Japanese automaker make new strides with safety technology.

Based on the Lexus LS, the advanced active safety research vehicle shows off Toyota’s efforts to improve safety technology and autonomous vehicle operation.

“In our pursuit of developing more advanced automated technologies, we believe the driver must be fully engaged,” said Mark Templin, general manger of the Lexus Division. “For Toyota and Lexus, a driverless car is just a part of the story. Our vision is a car equipped with an intelligent, always-attentive co-pilot whose skills contribute to safer driving.”

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The Lexus research vehicle is equipped with sensors, cameras, and antennae to help the vehicle identify its surroundings. For example, a 360-degree Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) laser on the roof can detect objects around the car up to a range of 230 feet, and there is also an array of high definition cameras that can detect and recognize objects like traffic lights from 492 feet away. Lexus says that these devices will help enhance the driver’s focus, and assist in the decision-making process in order to improve overall driving skills.

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Additionally, Toyota is utilizing a new “Intelligent Transportation System” which allows the car to communicate with other cars and objects in order to warn the driver of potential accidents. Testing for these systems are currently being performed at Toyota’s 8.6-acre testing area in Toyota City, Japan.

According to Toyota, research of this new technology will be key in reducing traffic fatalities.

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