Los Angeles, Vancouver Tie as ‘Most Congested’ in North America

Los Angeles, Vancouver Tie as ‘Most Congested’ in North America

This just in — driving in L.A. is a nightmare, but at least the Angelenos can rest knowing its just as bad in Vancouver.

Tom Tom just released its latest North American Traffic Index study, finding that L.A. is once again the worst place to drive. Travel takes approximately 34 percent longer on average than in free-flowing traffic and 76 percent longer during evening rush hour.

Vancouver came in a close second with average travel times also taking 34 percent longer, while San Francisco took third place with 33 percent.

While both L.A. and Vancouver remained at the top of the list, rush hour is actually 2 percent worse than when Tom Tom last conducted its study.

The index ranks 26 metropolitan areas with populations above 950,000.

10 Most Congested Cities in North America:

1. Los Angeles – 34 percent

2. Vancouver – 34 percent

3. San Francisco 33 percent

4. Honolulu – 31 percent

5. Seattle – 27 percent

6. Toronto – 26 percent

7. New Orleans – 25 percent

8. San Jose – 25 percent

9. Montreal – 24 percent

10. Chicago – 24 percent