Maserati Global Pre-Owned Vehicle Locator Site Launches

Maserati Global Pre-Owned Vehicle Locator Site Launches

Take notice, used Italian luxury buyers, Maserati just launched a site to offer global listings for pre-owned cars available for purchase. 

Selling pre-owned cars is about as far from a novel idea as you could possibly get, but it’s also a pretty big step for a brand like Maserati to streamline its used car sales. After all, it isn’t often that you see an automaker which sells products exclusively above the six-figure mark promoting buying used.

But then again, all the listed cars are for sale out of Maserati dealers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given the brand is putting its own stamp on the site, but it also isn’t a very comprehensive list either.

It would be much more impressive if Maserati was serving as a liaison between owners and prospective buyers through the site. Imagine for a minute if anyone wanting to sell their Maserati ranging from vintage to cutting edge could list their car there. Of course they would need to be inspected, but that would expand on the one-stop shopping idea the site promotes.

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