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 |  Jan 06 2013, 2:35 PM

Looking to build some excitement for its brand, MINI took a highly modified Countryman, put French stuntman Guerlain Chicherit behind the wheel, and asked the duo to execute the first ever unassisted backflip for a car.

Unlike other stunt jumps that drivers and vehicles have performed in the past, this backflip is entirely unassisted and doesn’t use any special ramps that help rotate the car. According to a spokesman for the event, the Countryman and its driver simply used “a gas pedal and a prayer” to execute the stunt.

According to Chicherit, the stunt took 18 months of preparation and work, and a lot of crashes. The video released by the British automaker is simply a teaser, showing the Countryman launched into the air – MINI wants us to wait until February 10th to see the end result. It’s a safe assumption the team executed the landing, but we’re hoping some videos surface of those crashes Chicherit mentions.

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  • justYncredible

    thats not a back flip sir

  • Spankthemonkey

    Can’t decide if this sucks or blows.