Modified Ferraris vs Custom Lamborghinis: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Modified Ferraris vs Custom Lamborghinis: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

For decades, the Tokyo Auto Salon was known as the premier auto show for customized Japanese vehicles; but over recent years, custom European exotics have found a new home in Japan.

Now, when you have a single Ferrari F40 in your booth at any auto show, you’re definitely getting some attention. Pack two in your booth, and you won’t even need any ‘booth babes’ to gather up a crowd. Have three, and well, your booth is the best of the show.

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That is unless Japanese tuner Liberty Walk is situated right next to you. Roberuta, one of Japan’s finest manufacturers of premium-grade suspension components, lined up a trio of Ferrari F40s to show off at this year’s Auto Salon. But Liberty Walk unleashed a collection of the finest customized Lamborghinis in the world a mere 10-feet away.

Of course for show goers, this was a huge treat. Seeing the best of Italy’s exotics side-by-side is a rare sight – one that fits in perfectly at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

GALLERY: Roberuta Ferrari F40s


GALLERY: Liberty Walk Lamborghinis


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