Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz C-Class Details Divulged

Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz C-Class Details Divulged

Mercedes has slowly been introducing new style to its lineup in an effort to attract younger buyers, and next on the list to recieve an update is the C-Class, which is expected to debut at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show. 

“We want once and for all to discard the idea that the C-class is a car bought by your grandfather, ” a Mercedes-Benz exec told Autocar. “We have gone to extensive lengths to ensure it will meet the expectations of a younger generation of buyers, both visually and technically.”

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Expect the style of the new C-Class to follow closely in line with the A-Class, offering more swoopy curves and dramatic style. And thanks to the new CLA, which will occupy a lower segment, the C-Class will be growing slightly in length and width.

Four different C-Class variants are planned: a sedan, convertible, wagon and coupe. The new C-Class will be the first car in Mercedes’ lineup to use the new modular rear-wheel drive architecture that will eventually underpin the E-Class and S-Class. Weight reduction and chassis rigidity are said to be improved by the new platform, with the base C160 model expected to weigh around 3042 lbs.

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All four variants are set to receive the AMG treatment, which will outfit the cars with a brand new 4.0-liter V8 engine. Besides that, a lineup of four- and six-cylinder engines will be used, ranging from a 184 hp 2.0-liter four banger, up to a twin-turbo V6 putting out around 330 hp. A plug-in hybrid version is also expected sometime after launch. A six-speed manual is expected to be offered for base models, while a seven-speed automatic will also be an available option. A new nine-speed transmission is said to be in the works at Mercedes as well, which will eventually find its way into the C-Class.

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