Next-Gen Smart Fortwo to Grow and Adopt all-new look

Next-Gen Smart Fortwo to Grow and Adopt all-new look

When the next generation Smart fortwo is unveiled, its proportions will be growing to help improve both safety, and passenger usability.

The new city car is expected to be revealed sometime this year and will have a longer hood, and be significantly wider, with the new length pegged at around 2,750mm, while the width is set to increase by over 100mm to 1660mm. The added length is supposed to improve the Smart’s safety considerably, trying to make sure it stays competitive with other small city cars like the Scion iQ.

The same 0.9-liter three-cylinder that powers today’s fortwo is expected to remain, and can be had either naturally aspirated or turbocharged. It will still be fitted in the rear end of the car, and send power to the rear wheels. The smaller three-cylinder diesel engine is expected to be axed, and will be replaced by the new all-electric version of the fortwo.

Design wise, the fortwo may borrow from 2011’s forvision concept car (seen above), which originally debuted at Frankfurt Motor Show.

[Source: Autocar]

  • Milantro

    I hope they would not come with the same HORRID automated manual transmission.

  • Sculptor54

    Milantro needs to practise the ‘art’ of driving Smart cars.

    Correctly mastered the gear changes are outstanding and entertaining too!

  • Andrew Holland

    This is inaccurate, the current (2nd-generation) fortwo does not have a 0.9 litre petrol engine, it is 1.0 litre.  It’s been reported previously that the new 0.9 litre will come from Renault, not Mitsubishi also.

  • Jgeisen

    I love the transmission. Once you get it down, it’s pretty amazing.

  • Piggywiz

    Why on earth is the size being increased … for safety – that’s great but the reason a lot of people want these cars is for the SMALL SIZE – if it was any larger I wouldn’t have one as it would then not be much different to the existing standard small cars which are a heck of a lot cheaper and seat 4 – it is the SMALL SIZE that matters … bigger isn’t always better!

  • Palimo76

    I think they will lose business if they make the smallest car bigger and don’t address the fact that the current engine is no longer competitive as many cars achieve the same EPA and have hybrid or pure electric power with no speed cap.

  • Reschlund

    As a FoMoCo retiree I bought my 2009 Smart Passion for the great at the time gas mileage.
    I will be selling my Smart to buy a Ford Fiesta 3cyl,with eco-boost as soon as they become available.
    Also a 1 liter motor it boasts 47mpg@123 HP.
    For its size Smart should be getting at least 45mpg,but instead you are going backwards,since 2009 your gas mileage has gone backwards instead of forward?
    There is no excuse for poor MPG with a car this small.
    I have lived with the under powered (71hp) Smart  long enough,I like   to drive a car with a little zip(when needed),something I pray for with my Smart when passing or trying to pass another car on a 2 lane blacktop road.
    With today’s technology  there is no reason for 71hp that at best gets 40mpg.

    Bye-by Smart,larger is not better unless in the MPG numbers,you refuse to address the real issue,Smart is a under powered very small vehicle that is not only slow,but by all other standards is a Mini-Gas guzzler.

    FoMoCo Retiree


  • Zachbohn

    I commute 130 miles a day in a 2010 Smart.  I also drive a 2007 Shelby GT500!  The Smart is a fun car to drive if you use the paddle shifter function and I get up to 48 MPG, drops to about 42 when I do 85 MPH stints on the interstate.  The “other” econ cars drop well below 40 when they drive 85 MPH!  Dont fall for all of the MPG hype out there. 

  • Liggy

    I have a 2009 Smart Passion which I love to tinker with and improve. Last year, I took out the factory breather box and baffle air intake system and installed a direct Cold Air Intake. Took me about two hours and the results were amazing. More power, putt putt sound eliminated, and better mpg. Stop and go to school everyday, mpg is about 38-39. Summers at the shore see all highway driving with mpg at 46-47. All driving done in automatic. Visit website of Smart Madness for cold air intake. Do not have to be a car mechanic to install. Love my Smart.