Nissan’s Big Detroit Auto Show Debut… a New Smell

Nissan’s Big Detroit Auto Show Debut… a New Smell

Nissan is stepping up its presence at this year’s Detroit Auto Show with a flashier booth and… a new smell.

In an effort to make a big splash at this year’s show, Nissan will be releasing a fragrance, labeled thé vert oriental, that the company hopes will become so popular that dealerships will want it in their showrooms. In fact, if successful it could become the official smell of Nissan.

So what does it smell like? Not burning rubber or oil, but rather green tea “during Chinese spring harvest.” The smell was developed by scent solutions company Air Aroma.

Nissan has taken a back seat role at the past two Detroit Auto Shows, and now it wants to command attention. “The timing is important,” says Erich Marx, the brand’s director for interactive and social-media marketing. “We’ve launched five important vehicles in 15 months and we want to be able to show them off in way that does them justice.”

The Nissan booth at Detroit this year was designed by marketing firm George P. Johnson Co. It will have a massive 150-foot halo with built in lighting effects, and an interactive wall that shows off new Nissan technology. And… it will smell.

[Source: Automotive News]

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