Scion Promises High-Tech ‘Wizardry’ for 2013 Detroit Auto Show

Scion Promises High-Tech ‘Wizardry’ for 2013 Detroit Auto Show

There’s no way Scion can top the FR-S debut from last year’s Detroit Auto Show, so the brand is going rogue and banking on “high tech wizardry” to bring people into its booth.

Don’t expect any holographic Merlin likenesses delivering the press conference, though. In total, there will be 10 Scion vehicles “populating” the brand’s space along with elevated video walls to create a 360 degree experience.

Of course, the FR-S will still be at center stage as the main attraction, although Scion promises its booth will focus on interactivity.

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It looks like the theme for the 2013 Detroit Auto Show is going to be gimmicks, with Nissan announcing its plan to create a brand smell. As if walking past Hollister and Ambercrombie stores doused in their own cheap garbage cologne wasn’t enough torture.

At least Scion, Toyota’s youth-focused brand, won’t be immature enough to use half a can of Axe body spray before its press conference. Now that would be childish.