SRT Viper Not Headed to Europe

SRT Viper Not Headed to Europe

Chrysler has announced that it has no plans to sell the SRT Viper in Europe, including in Europe where parent-company Fiat resides. 

It may not be surprising to some, considering how many exotics and supercars are already on the market in Europe. But the news is a bit surprising due to the fact that Chevrolet announced that its new Corvette Stingray will be sold in the United Kingdom sometime in the near future.

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Now, chances are the Corvette Stingray will have a significantly lower price than the SRT Viper, which puts it in a very attractive position in the European market. Perhaps SRT and Chrysler are just playing it smart; wait and see how the ‘Vette does before it pursues other markets.

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[Source: InAutoNews]

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