SRT4 Preliminary Sketch Leaked

SRT4 Preliminary Sketch Leaked

An image of what could be the SRT4 said to be currently under development in the Chrysler labs leaked today putting the new sub-brand’s  smallest future project in the spotlight.

UPDATE: SRT replied to’s inquiry about the drawing discussed in the story. According to SRT spokesman Dan Reid, the sketch “is of an outdated/past design,” and declined to comment on future product plans.

It’s been a while since the car last made headlines, but the car is expected to offer as much as 300 hp from a tuned version of Dodge’s 2.4-liter four cylinder engine. Dodge built a previous SRT4 between 2003 and 2005 as a much hotter version of the diminutive Neon, but the car saw a short run before being cut from the lineup.

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Earlier today Chrysler confirmed that it’s still toying with the idea of building an R/T version of the Dart after announcing that car will now be called the Dart GT. GIven the maker’s apparent penchant for surprise name changes, it wouldn’t be so shocking to find out that the two cars were one and the same.

SRT has yet to return AutoGuide’s inquiry about the photo, but the bottom right corner is stamped with the name Tim Doyle. While that doesn’t necessarily mean the image is legitimate, it makes a good case because there is a designer at Chrysler with that name.

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