Subaru Prepping Hybrid Vehicle for New York Debut

Subaru Prepping Hybrid Vehicle for New York Debut

Looking to keep up with rivals and complete a full line overhaul, Subaru is readying a hybrid powertrain for one of its vehicles, likely to be unveiled at the upcoming New York Auto Show. 

While details remain secret, Kenichi Yamamoto, director of product management and coordination at Subaru of America confirmed to The Detroit Bureau that parent company Fuji Heavy Industries is getting a hybrid model ready. According to Yamamoto, the Japanese market spurred this decision, as Honda, Toyota and Nissan all offer hybrid vehicles, which are constantly gaining market share.

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The brand’s hybrid technology was previewed back in 2011 with the Advanced Tourer Concept (shown above), which was driven by a turbocharged direct-injection 4-cylinder boxer engine mated to an in-house hybrid drivetrain. The concept also had a version of Subaru’s trusted all-wheel drive setup, though in this case, the power was sent to the rear wheels via electric power.

What remains to be seen is which vehicle the hybrid setup will mate with first. The Advanced Tourer Concept was more wagon than anything else, suggesting that the Forester could be first in the lineup to receive the electric power treatment, although the Legacy is also rumored to be a front runner for the hybrid tech.

GALLERY: Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept 01.JPGSubaru Advanced Tourer Concept 02.JPGSubaru Advanced Tourer Concept 05.JPGSubaru Advanced Tourer Concept 08.JPGSubaru Advanced Tourer Concept 07.JPGSubaru Advanced Tourer Concept 09.JPGSubaru Advanced Tourer Concept 11.JPG

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]  

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  • Frogholler9

    I would love to see the classic car shapes come back. The PT cruiser was and is a big hit because they reminded us of the older cars. Today, all the cars are the same. You can’t tell a Lincoln from a Chevy.  

  • Clymbon

    I’d love my subie to use less gas pull me up the mountain pass and up the snow-covered road to the ski area.  As long as it gets me there.  Theoretically, electric power is perfect for snow and off-road conditions: lots of torque at low RPMs, smooth transmission of power to the wheels.  A hybrid subaru would be GREAT, as long as it remains a Subaru, with its legendary capability to buzz me around town all week and then get me up into the mountains on the weekend.  Hybrid would be SUPER, but remember, if I want a Prius I’ll buy a Prius – please don’t give up what makes Subarus so great.

  • Motogrizzo

    D I E S E L
    I don’t know why the Japanese Car Companies are afraid to bring their excellent Diesel technology to the U.S. Chevy and Jeep are scheduled to start, while Audi, VW, and Mercedes already offer clean diesel economy. Ahhh, the torque, durability and economy of a boxer AWD Subaru…wow.

  • Zeemale

    All wheel drive DIESEL is what I want. Subie could have that market to themselves in the USA. Bring your diesel boxer engines to Americans PLEASE.

  • because of EPA regulations? Sure VW and Mercedes and whatnot offer it.. but read VW forums – those engines have to have extremely complicated setups to comply with emissions,  and if they fail, it is a multi-thousand dollar repair.. or a multi thousand dollar warranty charge to the manufacturer.

  • Diesel doesn’t offer that much of an MPG advantage in the USA these days with particulate filters, Urea and gas engines are getting better especially Atkinson cycle.