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 |  Jan 03 2013, 7:02 PM

9. Honda CR-V - 281,652 Units Sold

The Honda CR-V was also refreshed for 2012 with updated styling and technology. Essentially, it was everything good about the old CR-V, but in a better package. Unfortunately, it was more of an evolution than a revolution – but sometimes that’s better when it’s a popular model like the CR-V. Last year, the Japanese automaker managed to sell 281,652 units – a huge increase compared to 2011′s 218,373 figure.

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  • J Mack

    Who the hell buys all these damn trucks?

  • Terry8053

    Mostly fleets.

  • Obermd

    I wonder what the actual sales for the various F-Series models are.  This is a line of trucks with widely differing capabilities, not a single product.