Top 10 Large Sedans With The Biggest Trunks

Top 10 Large Sedans With The Biggest Trunks

8. 2013 Honda Accord LX

Topping the Maxima by more than 1.5 cubic feet is the freshly overhauled Honda Accord. In sedan form this Japanese mainstay delivers up to 15.8 cubic feet of trunk space, a figure made all the more impressive by the car’s overall length, which was shortened nearly four inches compared to the previous model.

Not surprisingly the Accord Coupe offers considerably less cargo volume, but we’re talking about sedans in this comparison, not two-doors so it doesn’t really matter. If you’re just dying to know, the coupe offers up to 13.7 cubes.

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Unlike much of its sedan competition, which has gone four-cylinder only, Honda still offers drivers a choice of engines under the Accord’s hood. The base unit is a 2.4-liter four-banger that’s good for either 185 horsepower or 189, depending on model. Torque differs by just one lb-ft between the two, with the more powerful version delivering 182 units of twist.

A 3.5-liter V6 is optional, whipping up a muscular 278 horsepower. Torque is more than adequate at 252 lb-ft. Moving on…

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    Ford Forever! Ford is always good in comfort too. I have even added it to my Wishberg- You’ll can check out the other cars for which I wish and steal them from my wishlist too 😀 Enjoy!

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    The CVT can be a sporty transmission, if not a bit more maintenance-intensive–remember, no shifting means more time in the powerband, great for that 80-120 passing acceleration on the highway. Nissan’s Xtronic is a whole lot better than the hunk of junk Dodge was using in the Caliber, if that’s what you’re worried about.

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    They’re all so ugly and look like hatchbacks. There was a time when sedans had class and distinction. I hope it returns.

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