Top 10 Large Sedans With the Greatest Range

Top 10 Large Sedans With the Greatest Range

1. Volkswagen Passat TDI, 6MT - 795 Miles

In a fearsome battle the Volkswagen Passat TDI beat all comers, topping the hybrids, trouncing cars with efficient CVTs and absolutely trashing the one with a downsized, turbocharged engine. It appears diesel power and an old-fashioned manual transmission is the most economical configuration on the highway today.

When it comes to fuel economy the Passat does very well. In city driving it can extract 31 miles out of a single gallon of low-sulfur diesel, beating all comers in this test by a wide margin with the exception of the Avalon Hybrid. But where this sedan really shines is on the open road. According to the EPA, the “People’s Car” delivers 43 miles per gallon on the expressway, the best in this Top 10.

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The Passat is capable of holding 18.5 gallons of fuel, and when you do the math that works out to a butt-busting, bladder-bursting range of nearly 800 miles! Theoretically this Volkswagen’s legs are long enough to stretch clear across the Eastern Time Zone from New York City to Chicago in America’s heartland! How’s that for driving range?

  • Davatet3

    What about the 2013 Nissan Altima 4-cylinder???  Or is that not considered a “large sedan” It gets 684 miles to a tank on highway. 

  • Mfjm12

    How about a kia Optima. I rented one for a week and whenever I filled it up driving it across the country it gave me a range of about 520. Tie for last place?

  • CDO1983

    Quick facts direct from the EPA fuel economy website, the Nissan Maxima, Honda Accord, VW Passat, Buick lacrosse and all new smaller Toyota Avalon Hybrid are not classified as large, They are all classified as midsize! The Maxima is in fact smaller inside then the midsize Altima. 

  • Negousan

    I think that compare diesel engines with engines to gasoline or hybrid it is wrong, they should compare them each one is its category of motorization

  • Robert Parr

    FYI, the gas version of the Passat would’ve placed 4th, along with the diesel version still at #1.