Top 10 Most Researched New Cars of 2012 on

Top 10 Most Researched New Cars of 2012 on

1. 2013 Ford Fusion

Speaking of transformation stories, the 2013 Ford Fusion shamelessly steals the show by pilfering style points from the Aston Martin playbook.

Regardless of how you personally feel about Ford’s decision to borrow liberally from the British luxury automaker, calling the 2013 Fusion ugly is probably harder than selling Richard Nixon on communism.

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The car’s handsome looks helped it ring in as the most researched car of the year in’s new cars section, and it recently claimed the Green Car of the Year Award during the L.A. Auto Show. That’s thanks in no small part to the automaker’s choice to offer a plug-in hybrid drivetrain expected to offer 100 mpg.