Top 10 Worst Selling Vehicles of 2012

Top 10 Worst Selling Vehicles of 2012

2. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback - 702 Units Sold

For decades, the Lancer Evolution model was Mitsubishi’s sports car for the ages, but the plain ‘ol Lancer simply didn’t make the impact the Japanese automaker hoped. Selling a meager 702 units last year, the Lancer Sportback was also the third worst-selling vehicle in 2011. Its MSRP of $18,495 certainly leaves a bit to be desired, especially considering all the other alternatives out there in that price range.

  • MistyGreen

    If the Lancer Sportback was priced competitively, it would sell.  It looks good among the hatchbacks, it’s just not worth the money.  Also, autoguide, why include the GT-R, but not ?  Was this only including cars below $100K?

  • The Acura ZDX is undisputed the worst vehicle on that list,When you take into consideration how big/respected a manufacturer Acura is and how identical it was to the MDX in everything but functionality/usability.

    Take an MDX don’t make it any lighter, faster, better turning, don’t give it improved fuel economy, then take away usable rear seats and storage space. It has the same basic shape of a Pontiac Aztek but is nowhere near as useful.

    awful awful awful design, in 87 years it’s easily going to be a top contender for the worst vehicle of the century. It represents ALL the bad characteristics of the CUV craze, it’s fantastically bad, almost comically bad. It’s like it’s a troll vehicle just made to lambaste the crossovers concept.